Meet Cindy Orth from This Is My Brave Arlington!


Cindy Orth, a one time nurse, is a survivor. In 2010, she experienced a mental health crisis that transformed her life. After several hospitalizations and years of struggling with mental illness, Cindy found the strength to create her own wellness plan and work towards recovery. She now uses her recovery journey to help others as a peer specialist and advanced wrap facilitator at the Merrifield Peer Resource Center. In both roles, she equips her clients with community resources and guides them towards identifying and applying their own wellness tools to cope with mental illness and substance abuse.

Cindy has been an integral part of This Is My Brave since she began creating Brave Bead Bracelets in 2015 for fundraising. In addition to creating hundreds of beautiful bracelets, she now organizes bracelet-making parties.

In Cindy’s free time, she plays flute in a local band. She prides herself on being a mental health advocate and supportive friend.

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