Meet the Chicagoland Production Team

We're excited to introduce you to the Chicagoland production team. The team will be producing our 2nd annual Chicago-area show on May 21st at the Memorial Opera House.

Sweet Home Chicago as Sinatra would say; home of the World Champion Cubbies!!! and now This is My Brave Chicagoland year 2!

This is My Brave Chicagoland is produced by the Northwest Indiana Excellence in Theatre Foundation (NIETF), an association of theatres across all of Northwest Indiana. Production team members include Becky & Jerry Jascoviak, Angie Lowe, and Patrick O'Connell with additional support from other NIETF board members. Becky, Jerry, and Angie are all active theatre directors/actors. Patrick O'Connell is a therapist and musician. Between the four of them, there are over 150 years of theatrical experience and more than 100 years of living with or working with mental illness.


Becky reached out to This is My Brave about two years ago because she was looking for resources in how best to support her husband Jerry who suffers from anxiety, depression, and OCD - one of those brave souls that 'love someone through mental illness'. Becky says, "As I sought support for how best to love, care for, and support Jerry through his roughest days, I discovered many others in the theatre community who also deal with mental health issues." A roundtable seminar/workshop/group talk session was held with therapist Patrick O'Connell, who is an artist himself and uses art in his therapy practice. From there, the show started to take shape and This is My Brave agreed to license the show. 

Last year, 14 brave storytellers from throughout Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois took the stage at Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso, IN, just 45 minutes outside Chicago. This year, we'll have 12 storytellers from throughout the same region telling stories, sharing poetry, performing dramatic pieces, and explaining through essay what it's like to live with or love someone through mental illness. Four of our storytellers this year were inspired to share their brave because of last year's participants. You never know who you'll be influencing. #StorytellingSavesLives with This is My Brave Chicagoland on May 21, 2017, at 3 pm at Memorial Opera House. 



We hope you will be able to join the cast of Chicagoland on May 21st as they share their stories and end the stigma of mental illness one story at a time. Purchase your tickets today before they are sold out.  We hope to see you at the show!