Meet Caitlin and Ian, Bentonville Brave storytellers

Today on the blog get to know Caitlin and Ian, two of our awesome Bentonville Brave storytellers. Their show is coming up THIS FRIDAY at the Northwest Arkansas Community College. We hope you can join us for their live performance - it takes so much courage to stand up and share and we are proud of each one of them!

Meet Caitlin McDowell

I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depression Disorder in my sophomore year of college in 2011. I spent the next 6 years in therapy, bars, foreign countries, and various jobs. On March 9th 2016, I was re-diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Today I stand before you as a girl on a mission to bring hope, light, love, and transformation wherever life might find or take me.


Meet Ian Wilson

My name is Ian, I was diagnosed at a young age with Type 1 bipolar and OCD. I've struggled with drug and alcohol abuse and often lost those battles. I've been medicated since childhood and recognize the need for daily medication. I am here to help fight stigmas of mental disorders and show that through daily battles you can live a healthy happy life.

We hope you will be able to join us on Friday in Bentonville to hear Caitlin, Ian and their cast mates share their stories. Get your tickets now at before they are sold out.