Meet Brynn Krasney from This Is My Brave Baltimore

I am originally from Huntingtown, which is in southern Maryland (Calvert County). I
have been married to my amazing husband, Zack, for just about 2 years. I am
incredibly lucky with the amount of family and close friends I have. My main hobbies
are DIY crafting and acting. 

Mental illness has impacted my life since I was young. I have suffered from depression
and anxiety for as long as I can remember. I’ve definitely gone through ups and downs,
but I truly feel that I am in the recovery stage of my illness. I am stronger and more
confident than I’ve ever been because I didn’t let it defeat me. 

Brynn Krasney.jpeg

I wanted to be a part of This Is My Brave because I am a huge advocate for mental
health awareness, and I feel This Is My Brave does an incredible job of sharing
education and awareness. I believe that there should be more mental health education
in schools, especially because that is the prime time for kids to start dealing with
mental issues, so it is important that they are educated on different types of mental
illnesses and the resources to help cope with them. This Is My Brave is a really great
stepping stone for me to be able to start on the path of spreading awareness and getting
more mental health education incorporated into school curriculums. 

A couple of things inspire me to stay mentally healthy. First is my husband, who has
done nothing but support and love me through this whole process. He wants me to be the best version of myself, and it pushes me to keep going. My family and friends also
inspire me to continue to stay mentally healthy. I was recently adopted into an
incredible family - they are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met - so I really want to
be able to give them my full, positive self since they have done so much for me. My
friends too are so supportive and they make me want to be there for them as much as
they are there for me. 

I hope the audience takes away from this show that there are so many things that
people could be dealing with that you just don’t know about. Reach out, try to
understand, be supportive, it could mean the world to someone. Or if you are that
person that is struggling, know that you are not alone, and there are so many people
willing to help you through this tough time. You are strong enough to push through.

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