Meet LA Cast Member Brittney Moses!

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My name is Brittney Moses and I’m a Los Angeles native who’s currently studying Clinical Psychology. It’s been a passion of mine to advocate mental health awareness and understanding particularly in the faith community to reduce stigma and encourage treatment. Just recently I became a certified Recovery Support Group Facilitator with NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) so I’m looking forward to getting more involved in my community! A lot of the work I do is online at my blog and having an influence throughout social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I also have an eight-year-old son named Austin who’s been a joy to my life since the day he was born. I find myself often wearing many different hats as a mom, a student, a professional, a volunteer and many times the therapeutic friend. However, these are all things that I love very much and my own mental health journey has been such a key factor in not only these roles but in who I’m becoming.

It wasn’t until I got into my mid-twenties and started fully understanding the signs of depression and anxiety that I realized it was an episodic experience throughout my life since I was a teenager. I’m what my therapist would call a high functioning client. I function day to day like most anyone and have even found some success in my endeavors but at the end of the day, given the right set of circumstances, I have the ability to hit hard lows. I jokingly call myself a professional overthinker- late night rumination and racing thoughts have been my most common battle. But most of all I’m grateful for my friends and family who have had the grace and support to see me through my journey without judging me as less qualified to do what I do because I’m imperfect. It’s my own overcoming that has propelled the humility, empathy and compassion to have a heart for my work with mental health.

I’m sharing my story with This Is My Brave because I’m sure that there are others like me who need to know that it’s okay to be the one who helps and the one who needs help. That we can be both. And the sooner we embrace this, the braver we’ll be to share our stories, which just might set someone else free.

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