Meet LA Cast Member, Brent Scarpo!


“I don’t think you have an addiction to gambling. I think you’re  suffering from MAJOR DEPRESSION.”, said the psychiatrist at the rehab center. When I heard these words, I nearly fell out of my chair. My name is Brent Scarpo and I am PROUD to be part of the Los Angeles storytelling team of This is My Brave. Those words were uttered to me in 2010 after five years of trying to figure out why I was isolating myself so much, rarely going out with friends, not interested in the normal, daily activities and spending countless hours in casinos. It was as if years of a mystery had presented itself with a CLUE.

 I took the next year and delved into the world of mental health. It was during my fact finding expedition that I discovered This is My Brave as well as many other resources when it came to MAJOR DEPRESSION, which clearly I was suffering from and earned the new name, 296, which is the DSM number for my condition, I was newly diagnosed. In an effort not to become a number, I sought out every kind of treatment possible as I just wanted to feel “NORMAL”. During my story presentation on September 22, I will share my journey of discovering the right combination for me, when it came to managing my depression.

One of those “discoveries” will be joining me that evening and her name is Sophia. During my fact finding expedition, I chose to get an emotional support dog and fell in LOVE with a 2-month old black and white poodle, who at the time seemed to care for me more then I cared for myself. Over time, I was able to embrace her unconditional LOVE and the willingness to get up each morning and seize the day. I PROMISE you an AMAZING event on September 22 in Los Angeles and Sophia and I look forward in meeting each and every of you.

Tickets are on sale NOW! Click the button below to order your tickets to meet Brent and more brave storytellers. This is one mental health performance you won't want to miss!

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