Introducing Kendre'ah "Blessed" Perry From This Is My Brave Charlotte

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I’m Kendre’ah J. “Blessed” Perry; something sweet like a Georgia peach, born and raised
in the city of Athens where the Bulldogs are happening. I came from a family that consists of only me and my brother, we were born in different states, but we have the same mother. The same as with my sister who is from another mister, who is our father; I’ve always missed her, but never got the chance to meet her. I was raised by myself because we’re twelve years apart, I’m getting older now, but I’m still a child at heart. I became an aunt at the age of ten, with seven
nieces and nephews who are born to win.
Going on further, I play a little, sing a little, dance little too; anything else you want to
know? My brave is one-of- a-kind and there is nothing else to prove.

Mental illness has affected my life in ways that I would’ve never imagined; in almost
every area of my life. I would’ve never thought that I would come to the point in my life where
mental illness would be a factor. Even though mental illness has caused me a plethora of
breakdowns, I’ll take the time to break down how mental illness has affected my life:
Mental illness has affected my life mentally, first, by constantly reminding me of every
single thing I’ve ever done wrong and keeping me from a clear conscience of positivity
and reality. Depression is not guilty pleasure.
Mental Illness has affected me spiritually, by keeping me in a constant war with myself,
God, and the devil; causing me to question my own identity and who I really belonged to;
if I was actually being protected or someone was setting me up for failure.
Mental illness has affected my life emotionally, by having my emotions all over the
place; on a rollercoatser, from high to low. Some days I felt like I was on top of the world
and could conquer any and every thing that got in my way, but most days, I felt as low as
dirt, unmotivated and didn’t want to be around anyone. I wanted to be completely left
alone. Other days, I would’ve rather been dead than alive because then life wasn’t worth
living. Feeling Suicide???
Lastly, mental illness was a major effect on me financially because being admitted in and
out of mental institutions caused hospital bills to stack up continuously, and not only that,
after the supply of meds the doctors gave me after I was discharged from the hospital ran
out, I was responsible for purchasing more supply.

Ultimately, I wanted to be a part of TIMB because, overall, I saw it as a door of
opportunity that would allow me to showcase some of my talents and abilities; but when I saw
the actual flyer and what it was targerting, my entire thought process shifted my mindset of what
this TIMB showcase was about and resulted in a more significant reflection of my my decision to
audition, and my desire to be a part of it.

Also, I finally had to come to the realization that it is the time for me to open up a chapter
of my book and be honest with myself, others, and the world about my overwhelming
experiences of the “mental illness” stronghold on my life . I’ve been put under a lot of pressure
in the atrocious process of dealing with mental illness, and beyond, but what I did want, has
become what I do want, and will eventually be what I am—#ThisIsMyBrave

The Word of God is what most importantly inspires me to stay mentally healthy. One of
my favorite scriptures that reflects my inspiration to stay mentally healthy is Isaiah 23:6, which
says: “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in
thee.” As long as I stay spiritually alert and focused in the things that really matter to me, such
as: singing, dancing, playing/writing music, acting; etc; through these things I can always find a
way to stay mentally healthy.

Overall, my only hope in what the audience takes away from the show is: Don’t judge by
the way you see and hear me; but understand by how you felt when you were seen and heard by
others who you didn’t want to judge you. REMEMBER: it’s easy to say never until it happens to
you. This is My Brave.

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