Introducing Baltimore Cast Member Beth Terrence!

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My name is Beth Terrence. I grew up in NY & NJ and now live in Annapolis, Maryland with my very wonderful and loving partner Mario and our two cats, Clover and Paolo.  For the past twenty-two years, I’ve worked as a Holistic Health Practitioner and for the last eleven years specialize in Shamanic Healing, a form of spiritual healing that originates in indigenous traditions.  Since 2014, I am also a Recovery Coach and Certified Peer Recovery Specialist in Maryland.  Most of all, I am a person in long-term recovery and for me that means I am recovering from PTSD and Addiction.

Recovery is not linear and mine was not in any way shape or form.  Since my early teens, I struggled with anxiety, depression and substance use.  In my 20’s, I began to explore many holistic approaches to support healing a physical health condition I experienced, Fibromyalgia.  It was during this time of healing that I came to truly understand the impact of trauma on my life, my mental health and substance use, which was being driven by the severe chronic emotional and physical pain I had been experiencing since childhood.  It still took many years for me to move forward in recovery but gradually I began to see my mental health and substance use patterns begin to shift and lead me to long-term recovery.

Today, I continue using holistic pathways as the heart of my recovery.  I am also very passionate about sharing holistic resources and wellness tools to support others on the journey of mental health and addiction recovery.  I teach meditation and mindfulness, lead holistic programs and retreats, and speak as much as I can at conferences on topics related to holistic recovery and wellness.  I also love to write.  I have written several stories about my own recovery journey as well as articles to provide information on holistic recovery pathways.

Raising awareness about mental illness and addiction to help to reduce stigma and connect people to resources is one of the things that drives me most in life.  This focus stems my own experience of recovery as well as from my experience growing up with a parent with the lived experience of schizophrenia.  Due to my mother’s mental health issues, we were really left to survive on our own — abandoned by community, friends and family.  This was a time when my mother and I needed support and connection most - and it simply was not there.

Living alone as a teen with a parent who was undiagnosed with untreated mental illness was incredible challenging.  It’s when my own mental health challenges including substance use began.  As I look back, it feels so tragic that my mother and I had to live in isolation, without support; and although years later she eventually received some treatment, in many ways this loss of connection was something she would never recover.

Today, as I continue to recover from PTSD and addiction, it is my desire that no child, parent or family should have to suffer in this way.

Through my recovery journey I have been blessed to experience a deep sense of connection and wholeness that as a child and teen, I never imagined was possible.  It is this feeling that inspires me to stay healthy and continue my holistic recovery by nurturing myself on all levels — body, mind, emotion and spirit.  

It is my hope that the This Is My Brave Baltimore audience leaves knowing this message - Recovery is possible for everyone! And, by coming together in community and sharing our stories, we can change the dialogue about mental illness and addiction. Together, we can build an amazing landscape of recovery.

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