Meet Audrey and Evan Grubb from This Is My Brave Boston!

Audrey Grubb

Audrey grew up in Vermont with her family of 6, moved to Boston for college, and is now in graduate school getting her Master’s degree in mental health counseling. In her free time, she enjoys running, skiing, hiking, and playing her ukulele.


Audrey is in recovery from Anorexia and wanted to join This is My Brave to share a piece of her story in hopes that others may feel less afraid to talk about their own experiences with mental illness.

She hopes the audience takes away from this show that it’s okay to struggle, and that painful times are inevitable, but that it’s what we do with the pain and struggle that brings positivity into our lives.

Audrey’s family is her biggest inspiration for staying healthy, and she wouldn’t be where she is today without all of their love and support. She is beyond thankful to be a part of this cast and is excited to perform in the show!

Evan Grubb

I’m Evan Grubb, Audrey Grubb’s little brother. My experience in dealing with mental illness up until about 7 years ago was close to none, or perhaps I was oblivious to it. When I first learned about what my sister was going through, I was hit with an entire mix of emotions without barrier: anger, fear, empathy, guilt. 


At first, I was naive to the illness, and would think, there’s an easy solution here, just eat! But I soon learned that it had become a core part of who she was (and what would later become an incredible attribute within her). It wasn’t a question of eliminating the illness, but more harnessing the ability to direct it towards strength. 

In 2012, I wrote a song called ‘Falling’ for Audrey to help her get through her tough times. Six years later, the words still ring true and I am beyond proud of her bravery.





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