Meet Andrea Landry- Brown From This Is My Brave Baltimore!

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Andrea Landry-Brown is the mother of two successful sons and has five beautiful grandchildren. She recently graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Masters Degree in Psychology. Raised in Southern California, Andrea moved to Baltimore, Maryland and became a strong
advocate for mental illness education and wellness advocacy. Andrea enjoys spending time with her husband, writing and publishing short stories / poetry / and novels, hosting live mental wellness advocacy broadcasts on social media, baking, taking long walks at the beach, and providing peer support to those in need.

Unusual behaviors were the ‘norm’ in my family. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed, in 2006, that I
realized we (my mother, brother, and sisters) were all dealing with some form of mental illness
(depression, anxiety, and PTSD). I was affected by the social stigma of mental illness. I believed
I was crazy, not worthy, and my children would be taken away from me. The weight of mental
illness was enormous before I learned the truth behind my own ability to persevere.

When I was first diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and PTSD, I was angry, confused, and alone.
There was no explanation of how I got the illness, and I couldn’t find resources to get better.
There are others, like me, who feel alone, hopeless, and without needed resources and support. I
believe sharing my story through This Is My Brave I can help people understand they are not alone. I can help someone continue to embrace their dreams, and realize the light at the end of
the tunnel is hope and not a train.

My mother, siblings, children, and grandchildren are my biggest inspiration. They keep a smile
in my heart. My faith keeps me strong and reminds me that with God’s grace and favor I am
capable of anything. Finally, my ability to help others find their purpose, their joy, and hope!
Paying it forward is the ultimate inspiration because I can witness their strength through their

I hope the audience gets the message that everyone goes through some form of mental health
issues; and that’s ok. I want people to understand that people with mental illness are ‘people’, not
some alien or monster under the bed to be feared. I want people to know they can talk with
people with mental health challenges just like they talk to anyone else, there is no difference.
This Is My Brave will open hearts and minds to eliminate typical stigmatic views giving people
the opportunity to grow, advocate, and hope for a better quality of life.

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