Meet Oklahoma City cast member Amy Sabran

Today we get to meet another Oklahoma City cast member, Amy Sabran! 

Amy Sabran This Is My Brave Oklahoma City

Tell us a little about yourself. 

I am a singer, guitarist, and  composer with a degree in Music Therapy.

How has mental illness affected your life?

Mental illness has affected my life. It made me tired all the time. I have been treated unnecessarily different and cruelly. I have been treated as if there is no hope. My illness has affected my behavior, and people have made me worse. At age 16 I had temper tantrums. Though I have grown out of them, the scars and Scarlett letter remain.

Why did you want to be a part of This Is My Brave?

I am part of This Is My Brave because this type of adversity requires courage and a constant need of a support group to renew one’s sense of faith and hope. Especially when one is treated differently. One has to be brave and creative to constantly forgive one's self and other people.

What inspires you to stay mentally healthy?

Modern science, famous people with mental illnesses and compassion motivate me to stay well.

On crisis units, I have witnessed very incoherent people be put back on their medications and behave in a very capable way again.

The portraits of famous people, that line the halls of museums are full of faces of those who have enriched our lives, even saved the human race from destruction, such as Winston Churchill who saved us from the Nazis. He suffered perhaps from several conditions, as well as bipolar disorder.

Compassion: the systems that are designed to help me stay well are antiquated and in need of improvement. Disgrace,  shame, Scarlett letters, lack of love, work disincentives, substandard housing, homelessness,  punishment, lack of medical care...pour salt into wounds, provide climates for blame and scapegoating, meanness, and using prisons as an industry and form of exploitation. Jobs can just as much be easily created in the area of rehabilitation and hope.

What do you hope the audience takes away from the show?

I want the audience to stand up and BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES no matter what their illness does to them, causes them to do, and no matter how other people mistreat them and what other people try to take away from them.

I want people to try to advocate for themselves the best they can even though they don't feel well, by going to their Capitol, writing their congresspeople and becoming registered voters. And reading and joining NAMI.

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