Meet Alisa from This is my Brave Arlington!

I’m Uh-lee-sa Po-Z.  Born in and have lived in Northern VA all of my life.  I think of myself as pretty silly most of the time. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is one of my favorite things and is one of my biggest therapies.  It’s one of my true loves (besides Chipotle) to the point where I have started to produce my own EDM. I am also a filmmaker and have been working on a documentary web series called “Let Your Voice Be Heard,” about different people who mental illness telling their stories of recovery.  I decided to do this to help those struggling see that they are not alone and they can recover.


I do the things I do because I want to help people. I wouldn’t have the passion, the help, and the drive if it weren’t for my amazing and supportive family and friends. I struggle with general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, ADHD, and bipolar II. Sometimes I feel like I’ve recovered, and sometimes I still feel like I’m struggling.  

This Is My Brave brings people together—-that is why I decided to be a part of it.  A lot of the time I feel like I’m alone, but there are many things that show I’m not.  This Is My Brave is one of those things, and the thought of it makes me feel, well…excited!  The people around me, especially those I can relate to, inspire me to stay healthy. I know that there are many people who care about me, and that I can recover—-I am not alone in this battle.

I hope to give hope, encouragement, inspiration, and of course, smiles to the audience of This Is My Brave. You’ve gotta come see me ‘cause this Is my brave.  I know… I’m kind of cheesy.

Tickets are on sale NOW! Click the button below to order your tickets to meet Alisa and more brave storytellers. This is one mental health performance you won't want to miss!

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