Meet Iowa Corridor Cast Member Aaron Eckley

We are proud to introduce you to Aaron Eckley one of the Iowa Corridor cast members.  The show takes place on Saturday, April 22nd at the Ballantyne Auditorium on the campus of Kirkland Community College.

Tell us why you wanted to be involved with This Is My Brave.

Mental illness is something that people don’t generally talk about.  It is seen as an inferiority and people usually don’t like to dwell on the topic.  I suffer from mental illness, and though it is quite debilitating, I find it to be a great motivation and key component on where I’m heading in life, bringing people together as a community, and saying we will not accept the mockery, put-downs, and limitations culture sets up to define mental illness.

I was a part of this wonderful show last year, and am again partaking in the show this coming April at Kirkwood Community College.

Last year I performed a personal composition titled “Only Through Love” where I showed that love is the answer to helping those who struggle.  Helping those who have the illness, being there for them when they are vulnerable, and showing that you care makes all the difference in their battle with mental illness.  Mental illness is something that is not rational and not logical. You cannot reason with it.  Many people exclaim “oh it’s all in your head” or “just snap out of it”, and through the wonderful and dedicated people at This is My Brave, we’ve shown that this is simply the incorrect approach to dealing with the problem, and contributes to it.

Having the opportunity to again perform in the show brings me much joy in knowing that I can help bring mental illness into the spotlight and show the community that we are people as well. We all have our struggles and limitations, but through our acknowledgement of them, and our ability to recognize them and not let them define us, we show how our struggles can shape us into better people.  It does not define us as individuals, but rather shows that we have the ability to recognize the challenges, and that those of us in This is My Brave are not letting it silence us.

This is My Brave is a wonderful organization, and has helped myself and many others in our fight for freedom and opportunity with mental illness.  Together, let’s show the world that we are all people, we all have our struggles, and we will be there for one another!


Come hear Aaron and his cast mates end stigma one story at a time.  Tickets are now on sale for our Iowa Corridor show on April 22nd! Get your tickets before we sell out. Hope to see you there!