Announcing This Is My Brave Los Angeles 2017

We are thrilled to announce that The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors will be producing our first show of the 2017 season: This Is My Brave Los Angeles! 

Our Los Angeles Production team is led by Karen Pickett, LMFT and Chaille DeFaria, CPCC. Today we learn a little about their motivations for bringing a This Is My Brave show to Los Angeles with the support of The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors


From Chaille:

We are all connected like a chain. We can’t get stronger without each other, without every link being whole, not broken.

 Chaille DeFaria, Co-Producer, This Is My Brave LA

Chaille DeFaria, Co-Producer, This Is My Brave LA

Mental illness takes on many shapes and sizes.  Honestly, on some level we as a human race can all relate, but there are serious cases out there who aren’t being seen or heard.  How do we rescue those who are suffering so deeply, who continue hiding in shame.  Those who think they are the only ones.  We get brave and we tell our story - that is how.

For me to be brave takes courage and to find courage takes strength, a lot of love and support. The only path that led me out of shame and isolation was taking the risk to be vulnerable.  My hair pulling disorder, Trichotillomania, plagued every part of my being and was often triggered by my anxiety and depression.  I was so afraid of being found out as an actor sitting in a make up chair about to go on camera, or feeling seen up close before live performances as a singer/songwriter. I finally took the step to becoming more transparent in everything I did.

That moment changed the trajectory of my life into being a proud member of the Board of Directors for The TLC Foundation for BFRB’s (Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors), and a full time Co-Active Coach for teens and adults suffering from this disorder. To tell the world around me that I was a hair puller and that I had suffered from anxiety and depression since I was a young adult allowed me to tap into the fierce courage I had within.

Jenn Marshall has provided a courageous platform for all of us to bring our full selves to help others, and I will be doing just that with my dear friend Karen Pickett, as we take a deep dive to making “This Is My Brave” a tremendous success here in Los Angeles. Because we believe that no one should be alone and each of us has a story worth telling.

From Karen:

I used to think that hiding kept me safe, that it was way too scary to tell the truth. But hiding is its own darkness – one of shame and secrecy that destroys what it pretends to protect.

 Karen Pickett, Producer, This Is My Brave LA

Karen Pickett, Producer, This Is My Brave LA

My #1 goal when I suffered from debilitating panic attacks and agoraphobia was to hide my illness. My experience in healing from the illness motivated me to become a licensed psychotherapist and to play a part in reducing the suffering of others.

It is an honor to consistently witness the healing of my clients. I know from both my personal and professional experiences that healing is a profound journey, one in which we can learn to live a more meaningful life than we ever thought possible.

This Is My Brave excites and inspires me because it is another important platform for healing. Every time one person shares their story, it heals that person and it heals others.

I’m thrilled to be part of the larger conversation of healing through reducing the stigma of mental illness by co-producing This Is My Brave – The Show in Los Angeles with the amazing Chaille DeFaria, guided by the courageous Jenn Marshall, and in partnership with The TLC Foundation for BFRBs whose Executive Director, Jennifer Raikes, greatly forwarded the awareness of Trichotillomania with her groundbreaking documentary Bad Hair Life in 2003.

Participating in this event with so many loving and giving people and joining the ranks of those who have done so before is an honor.

Sign up to audition and share your story and you may be selected as a cast member for this production. We want to hear your BRAVE! 

Click the button below to select an audition day and time. Prepare a 5-minute piece (poetry, original music, comedy, essay) on your story, and we'll see you at the audition.