Life After a Postpartum Psychosis Episode

mental health awareness week In case you hadn't heard, this is Mental Illness Awareness Week and we are honored to share the story of the anniversary of a postpartum psychosis episode by one of our debut cast members, Heather Coleman. Her words allow you to witness how she has transformed over these past six years, from the shocking emergence of her mental illness to the poise she shows today as a brave and strong mental health advocate.

Thank you, Heather, for allowing us to share your story.

Today marks the six year anniversary of the day mental illness came charging into my life. Sure I dealt with some anxiety in college, but nothing and I mean NOTHING prepared me for the postpartum psychotic episode I experienced on the afternoon of October 3rd, 2008.

This breakdown caused me to get out of my car on I-295 near the Washington DC line, strip off all of my clothes, and run naked in the breakdown lane. I was on a bridge and although I don’t think I contemplated jumping, I believed I needed to be baptized and was heading towards the water. It was a very scary and dark time in my life, but what has transpired in the six years since then reflects a strength I didn’t realize that I had within me and an amazing community of love and support that I was able to draw upon.

This journey has shown me the type of person I truly am and the person I hope to be for my children. But today, I want look back at the past six years and share with you some milestones along the way, some ups, some downs, in you get a real picture and a better understanding of mental illness. I want others to know that they are not alone. There is life after a diagnosis of mental illness. And it is a very good life.

I haven’t shared this publicly before, but in 2011...

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