Kit Lisle reflects on the show

Kit Lisle This Is My Brave bipolar disorder  

"Many people simply do not address their mental health disorders. They hide them, deny them, ignore them. And why is that? Because it is hard, that’s why! And without support from friends and family, and understanding from co-workers and neighbors, without encouragement, and sometimes even nudges and pushes, some of us with mental health disorders will take the easy way out. Seek no treatment, avoid medication, attend no counseling sessions. Surely, the stigma itself — in some communities, cultures, careers and demographic groups – deters people from properly addressing their disorders. My hope in sharing my story was that the built-in stigma currently associated with mental health disorders is reduced (even just a little) by this performance." - Kit Lisle


Over the next two weeks we're featuring photos of our cast members and their reflections on what it meant to be a part of the This Is My Brave cast of 2015, leading up to the release of the shows on our YouTube channel!

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