This Is My Brave Iowa City now available on YouTube

[embed][/embed] We're thrilled to announce that our Iowa City production is now available for viewing on our YouTube channel! Iowa City shared 17, YES - seventeen! - true stories of lives affected by mental illness. In shining a light on something that has been historically kept in the dark, we are changing the conversation.

Take the time to watch our presenters share pieces of their hearts, up on stage for the world to view. Just because mental illness may not affect you personally, that doesn't mean it hasn't touched someone very close to you. Our shows deliver a deeper understanding of mental health disorders, and gives those who take the time to view these presentations a compassion which will inspire change.

The full Iowa City show is available for viewing, as well as the individual performances on the Iowa City playlist which can easily be shared on social media. We hope you'll help us spread our message: #StorytellingSavesLives.