Introducing This Is My Brave Arlington Cast Member Helena!


Helena Goldberg is a vocalist, pianist, bassist, composer, and music teacher who currently resides in Berryville, VA.  She began her musical studies on the piano at the age of 4, and began performing and participating in competitive events by the following year. After studying at the Westminster Choir College piano summer program and the Aspen summer music festival during her high school years, she was accepted to Manhattan School of Music where she began her classical piano studies with department chair Marc Silverman. In 2005, she was accepted into the classical composition program, where she studied with department chair Nils Vigeland and Richard Danielpour.

Ms. Goldberg started playing bass and singing in a metal band around 2005, and since then has been consistently performing, touring nationally and internationally, and releasing critically acclaimed albums with her band Akris. She began teaching piano, voice, songwriting,theory and composition in 2006. Since then she has maintained a widely diverse student base, ranging from age 3 to adult. Her teaching focuses on an individualized approach and cultivates each students own unique proclivities to music. She specializes in working with students who are on the Autism Spectrum, and has had enormous success in developing verbal skills, communication, emotional expression and cognitive processing through the use of learning to read, understand and perform music. She has had similar success with other students displaying a wide range of mental illnesses as well as learning and physical disabilities.

Ms. Goldberg is thrilled to be involved with This Is My Brave. The principles that the organization is founded on deeply resonate on a personal level, as she has been able to utilize artistic outlets for her own anxiety and depressive disorders. She strongly believes in the connection between artistic expression and emotion, and the possibilities that are implied for continuing to help others manage their own particular challenges.

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