Introducing Our Boston Producers!

Introducing our Boston Producers Jyoti and Elizabeth!

Jyoti and I are so excited to be producing the This is My Brave Boston 2017 show! In my professional life, I am a psychologist in private practice and much of my work with clients involves educating them about the biological bases of mental illness and helping them work through their own internalized stigma. Too often, that internalized shame prevents them from receiving the treatment they need. In my work in residential and day treatment facilities, I have used the power of narrative to give voice to patients’ journey of living with mental illness.  

The opportunity to tell your story brings it from the darkness into the light and helps the healing process. It provides validation of the struggle, community from shared experiences, and empowerment from the courage to speak. In my personal life, I am living with a mental illness and have felt first hand the role shame and stigma play in recovery. So when I read about This Is My Brave in Oprah, I knew this was a mission I needed to join. After expressing my interest to be involved to Jennifer Marshall, the enormous job of producing a show seemed well beyond my skill set.  

Luckily, my wonderful and talented friend and colleague, Jyoti Daniere is a woman of boundless energy and passion for both community theatre and mental health advocacy and she agreed to co-produce the show with me! Together, we are excited to be supporting our local mental health community and bringing the Show to Boston!


Our Boston audition signups are now open! Elizabeth and Jyoti will hear stories on July 28th and 29th, to select cast members for the show on October 6th!

Sign up for a slot today and share your Brave. We're searching for 12-14 people who are ready to stand up on stage and share a piece of their story through poetry, original music, personal essay, or comedy. 

CLICK HERE to book a slot today.