Introducing Orlando Cast Member Leah Beth Carrier!

I was born in Wisconsin but raised for the last 31 years here in Orlando, FL. I have two loving and supportive parents, a brother and sister-in-law, and an adorable niece Caroline (3) and handsome nephew Andrew (6). I also have three precious pups named Bentley, Piper, and Penny Lane. I enjoy writing, exploring, calligraphy, watercoloring, and locating the best donuts wherever I go.

I have struggled with mental illness since I was in elementary school. After experiencing trauma at a young age, I developed anxiety, anorexia nervosa, and what was later recognized as PTSD. By middle school, I had developed depression and started to self harm. I have struggled with mental illness throughout the years, seeking treatment when possible. Over the years, my anxiety morphed into panic disorder, and my depression became life threatening. After going to treatment this time last year and returning home after finishing the program, I've been able to work with my amazing outpatient team to further my recovery and begin advocacy work whenever possible.

I am excited to be part of a show that is dedicated to highlighting real people who happen to struggle with mental illness. People who struggle are just that: people...with stories to tell. I can't wait to be part of a cast that is brave enough to share with an audience of strangers in hopes of creating awareness.

My values, the values I wasn't able to connect with because of mental illness, motivate me to fight when it's the last thing I want to do. I want to explore my world, connect genuinely with others, support myself, and ultimately do advocacy work. 

I hope the audience gains a greater understanding of mental illness, the struggle, and the recovery. I hope that they are able to see that we are people just like them, and fight daily to live meaningful lives. I hope they feel loved and cared for and connected.

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Please share this post with friends and family in the Orlando, FL area. We're all affected by mental health and addiction issues, and the more we can support each other, the easier it will be for people to seek help. This Is My Brave is proof that Storytelling Saves Lives.