Introducing our Los Angeles Producers!

We're thrilled to introduce you to our LA Producers, Mara Shapshay and Dr. Jennifer Palladino!

Mara is honored to be one of the producers of the This Is My Brave Los Angeles Comedy Show, Tuesday, November 7th at 8pm at the World Famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip. Mara Shapshay is a stand-up comic, writer, baker and mental health advocate. She became a mental health advocate when her very good friend and former housemate, Carrie Fisher died last year. Mara, like Carrie, is dual diagnosis, meaning she has mental illness and addiction. She is now over 12 years clean and sober. It has become Mara’s mission to continue on Carrie’s work of fighting the stigma against mental illness/addiction.

In January, shortly after writing an article for LA Magazine about her relationship with Carrie, Mara found out about This Is My Brave when she was asked to bake “depressed” baked goods for one of the This Is My Brave Shows as part of the Depressed Cake Shop pop-up which was a fundraiser for the organization. Mara made paranoid pop-tarts and bi-polar brownies. The desserts were such a big hit that she decided to make it a business, Stand-Up Kitchen was born. Soon you will see Mara’s schizophrenic snickerdoodles, therapy couch cupcakes, bi-polar cookies and other baked goods in farmers markets, online and in coffee shops.

Mara also works with Congress and other mental health organizations to make sure the voices of those suffering with addiction and mental illness are heard. Currently Mara writes for LA Magazine, Huffington Post, The Fix, The Jewish Journal, Glamour Magazine and The Hollywood Journal. As a stand-up comedian she performs regularly at the Comedy Store, the Improv, Laugh Factory and many other venues in Los Angeles and Ventura.  She also produces a successful variety show.


Dr. Jennifer Palladino from the mental health organization, You Rock Foundation, is Mara’s co-producer. We’re planning on an epic comedy show with a-list comics, big name musical acts and maybe even a magician! All of the acts are sober or have mental illness or both! We hope you can join us.


SAVE THE DATE! Tuesday, November 7th @ 8pm