Would You Like An Hour with a Psychiatrist?

Have you ever wanted more time with your psychiatrist? These days you're lucky if you get 30 minutes with a psychiatrist for your appointment. Some psychiatrists are forced to schedule appointments in 15 minute increments in order to be able to see all their patients in a given week.

We are honored to share with you this nearly 75-minute video recording featuring our very own Advisory Board Member, Dr. Mark Komrad.

Dr. Komrad is a psychiatrist on the teaching faculty of Sheppard Pratt Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital and the University of Maryland. He was the recipient of NAMI National’s “Exemplary Psychiatrist” award, and was named by NAMI Baltimore as “Mental Health Professional of the Year” in 2013. He joined our Board in the fall of 2014 and we greatly appreciate the way he embraces technology to share his knowledge from his 25+ years in the field.


This is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to learn more about psychiatry and how psychiatrists think through evaluating and understanding various mental illnesses from bipolar disorder to depression and anxiety and schizophrenia.

If you have a friend or family member who is currently struggling with a mental illness, check out Dr. Komrad's book, "You Need Help! A Step-by-Step Plan to Convince a Loved One to Get Counseling" which is available via his website and Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

I've read Dr. Komrad's book and highly recommend it. My full review:

"I wish it had been around for my husband and parents in 2005 when they were faced with helping me navigate my way through two manic episodes followed by an entire year of debilitating depression. Even after receiving a formal diagnosis and some success with psychiatric treatment, a few years later I suffered two relapses and again this book would have been invaluable to my support system as I made my way back to recovery.

My family members and several close friends were an instrumental component to my treatment and recovery path. I can only imagine how much faster I’d have been able to overcome my severe depression and suicidal thoughts if they would have been armed with Dr. Komrad’s book, specifically Chapter 10 on How to Continue Your Support, which describes how the concerned party can assist in the treatment of their loved one through contact with the doctor.

I am so glad Dr. Komrad wrote this life-saving book. Since creating my theater show and non-profit, numerous individuals have approached me to ask if I had any advice on how they can help a loved one recover from mental illness. Now I have an excellent resource to recommend. You Need Help! is the ideal starting point when seeking guidance on how to get a mental health evaluation for a friend or family member who is struggling, where to go to find effective treatment, and how to be a critical part of that person’s long-term recovery from mental illness." - Jennifer Marshall

You can follow Dr. Komrad on Facebook. Thank you, Dr. Komrad!