Help Us Expand This Is My Brave to 3 Cities!

One in four Americans experiences a mental illness in any given year. One in FOUR. You'd think because it's so common, we'd be comfortable talking about it. And yet, comfortable is never the word used to describe whispered conversations about mental illness.

Why are we so afraid to talk openly about a type of illness that touches so many of our lives? We're not afraid to talk about diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. So what is it about illnesses of the brain that make discussions so uncomfortable? The brain is an organ just like the heart, just like our lungs, just like the pancreas. Why is it so misunderstood that our brains can get sick, too?

Imagine for a moment that you are the 1 in four. You are one of the 25% of Americans this year who experiences a mental illness. You are scared. You are afraid to tell anyone, so you feel isolated. You wonder if things will ever get better.

This Is My Brave was born from the desire to help people who are feeling this way. When we talk openly about how mental illness has affected our lives we take away the shame, embarrassment and fear. We come together to provide strength and encouragement to those who need of someone to walk beside them. Our non-profit provides a supportive community of people sharing their stories of hope and inspiration. Our debut cast from our May, 2014 show left a lasting impression on the over 5,715 people who viewed their performances in person and on YouTube.

We want to reach more people!

We just launched a fundraising campaign on to help us expand our mission and bring our theater show to three cities in 2015. {Click the pink triangle when you get to the campaign page to see our promotional video.} We've found dedicated volunteers who are donating their time and talents to produce This Is My Brave shows in Iowa City, Iowa and Boston, Massachusetts. Plus, we'll be auditioning and selecting a whole new cast for another performance of This Is My Brave here in Washington, DC.

The theaters for all three locations are on reserve. Our only hurdle right now is financial. We need your help to put on THREE shows in May of 2015, reaching triple the audience of our first production and thousands more via YouTube and social media.

No donation is too small. Every dollar gets us closer to our goal of $15,550 and each and every dollar is tax-deductible.

Please check out our Indiegogo campaign to see all the awesome "perks" we've set up for our donors. We appreciate your decision to support us and want you to receive a token of our thanks in return. There are tee-shirts, notebooks, Bravelet "Be Brave" bracelets, Brave Beads, and of course tickets to the shows up for grabs.

We need your help. Won't you join us?

Jenn and Anne Marie

This Is My Brave Indiegogo