Heather read her essay entitled: Naked

Corporate Photography, Political Photography, PR Photography "I started on an incredible journey when I decided to audition for This Is My Brave. I wasn't quite sure where it would lead, but I was willing to take a chance and share my story in hopes that it would help others. Last Sunday, that journey came to fruition when I joined 13 other brave individuals on stage to talk about mental illness in a very profound way, through sharing personal experiences. I was blown away by the honesty and vulnerability shown by my fellow cast mates and am very proud that I got to be a part of that moment in time. To top it all off, I got to meet numerous audience members, who were full of praise and willingness to share their own personal stories of how mental illness has played a part in their lives. I'm honored and deeply humbled to have been a debut cast member for This Is My Brave - the show! It is an experience I will never forget." - Heather Coleman

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