Guest Post: Misunderstood

We're honored to feature the poetry of Jessica Payne, Founder/President of Heart Marks Art Therapy, an organization she founded from her own hard lessons in life, loss and healing which inspired her to help others going through their hardest time in need by sharing the healing power of Art.


Jessica writes:
"I usually put my feelings down on canvas or drawings, but I wrote a few things in my darkest days. I don't usually share this stuff, but if there's any chance that this can help somebody than I'm willing to share."


Photo Credit: Just Jenni Photography via Compfight cc




Suicide is not about being selfish,
It’s about not having self-worth.


Depression is not about moments of sadness,
It’s about hiding sadness with moments of happiness.


Suicide is not about them loving you enough,
It’s about them not loving themselves enough.


Depression is not about being overwhelmed about one thing,
It’s about being overwhelmed about everything.


Suicide is not about them not being happy with you,
It’s about feeling like you’d be happier without them.


Depression is not about not getting outside enough,
It’s about not caring that there is an outside.


Suicide is not about not understanding everybody else,
It’s about feeling like nobody understands you.


Depression is not about not having friends,
It’s about feeling alone in a roomful of friends.


Suicide is not always committed by the depressed,
Depression does not always lead to suicide.


~J. Payne~