Meet our Greenville Production team!

The universe has a wonderful way of connecting people. Back in September, This Is My Brave's Executive Director Jennifer Marshall had the opportunity to be interviewed by Jay Coulter, a mental health awareness podcaster (The Conquer Worry Podcast - available on itunes, Stitcher and to promote the October New York City show.

We began planning for our spring shows in November, and it was at that time that Jenn connected with Rebecca Shafer, a teacher from Greenville, SC who was interested in hosting a This Is My Brave show. Rebecca is Jay's cousin, and had been so moved by the work we were doing that she wanted to get involved.

Meet our Greenville Producer, Rebecca Shafer:

Change requires hope and pain. I’ll hold the hope for you while you go through the pain.

A therapist, who would become my mentor and role model, shared these words during our first conversation. Over many months, I have clung to these words, slowly learning their truth and power.  I share this now for those suffering men and women who feel alone.  You are not alone--you are changing and during this change, there is pain that often feels like loneliness.  But there is also hope.  I found hope through the This Is My Brave website and other people who stand tall and tell their stories of pain and hope, their stories of change.

Growing up in Greenville, South Carolina, I consider myself a southerner to the core.  Football in the fall, festivals year round, four seasons, and a day off of school even when there is no snow.  I then moved on toward college in Nashville, Tennessee and became an elementary school teacher.  It was during my early twenties that I realized  mental illness was so stigmatized, and I desire people to know they can live alongside mental illness, not underneath the weight of it.  I now am a mental health advocate.

I feel honored to be a part of bringing This Is My Brave The Show to Greenville on May 5, 2016 at the Kroc Center!  I know there are many of you who have poems to read, songs to sing, music to share, and stories to tell about how you’ve found your brave amidst mental Illness.  Sign up today for your audition slot!  Auditions are February 21, 22, and 24 at the Hughes Main Downtown Library.  I can’t wait to hear your stories, and I know your bravery in sharing your truth will bring hope to you and all who are able to attend!

 Greenville Producer Rebecca (left), and Co-Producer Julia (right)

Greenville Producer Rebecca (left), and Co-Producer Julia (right)

Meet our Greenville Co-Producer, Julia MacDonald:

It gets better. No matter how many times my treatment team told me that, I did not believe them. 

As it turns out, they were right. A year ago, I could not imagine being as happy and healthy as I am today. I am no longer afraid to talk about my experience with mental illness, because if sharing my story can make one person feel less alone, it is entirely worth it.

Today, I am studying Recreational Therapy at Clemson University and surrounded by a strong support system that serves as a constant reminder that life is much better lived outside of the shadows of mental illness.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to co-produce This Is My Brave’s show in Greenville, because I want others living in silence to realize the power of talking about mental health. Through the show, I hope people in Greenville, SC can find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their experiences, and there is always a person willing to talk or listen. Despite what you may think now, if you don’t give up, it does get better. I promise!


Greenville, South Carolina audition & show info: 

Day 1 - Sunday, February 21st – 2pm-5pm – Hughes Main Library: 25 Heritage Green Place, Greenville, SC 29601

  • To book this date, CLICK HERE and select a 15-min audition time slot. 

Day 2 - Monday, February 22nd – 6pm-8:30pm – Hughes Main Library: 25 Heritage Green Place, Greenville

  • To book this date, CLICK HERE and select a 15-min audition time slot.

Day 3 (final) - Wed, February 24th – 6pm-8:30pm – Hughes Main Library: 25 Heritage Green Place, Greenville

  • To book this date, CLICK HERE and select a 15-min audition time slot.

Saturday, February 27th – Casting decisions finalized

Monday, February 29th - Cast announced on the blog!

Important dates for chosen cast members:

  • Thursday, March 10th - Cast Welcome Party! (Acadia River House, 6:30pm)
  • Sunday, May 1st - Rehearsal
  • Thursday, May 5th - Showtime! 7:00pm at the Kroc Center, Greenville

To join the Greenville fundraising team, visit our fundraising page {or text the word STAGE to 71777} and sign up to be a Fundraiser. Anyone who raises $100 or more via the fundraiser on or before March 30th will earn their choice of a "Storytelling Saves Lives" tee-shirt or Brave beads!