The Face of Depression & Anxiety

Maria Jose Ovalle lives up to her blog's name: Very Busy Mama. A wife and mother of two small children living in Alexandria, Virginia, Maria Jose is an Independent Media Strategist blogging about fashion, style, and kid's stuff. She's also the Social Media Manager for, and is an Ambassador for PBS Kids, in addition to juggling her other various writing obligations. She's incredible at what she does. One might never suspect that Maria Jose has experienced depression and anxiety. This past May she suffered a panic attack while on a business trip 2,500 miles away from home. She courageously vlogged about it when she got home, posting the video the day before our show took the stage, and graciously agreed to share her video with the This Is My Brave community because she believes in our mission of encouraging people to talk openly about mental illness.

Thank you, Maria Jose, for your raw, honest, brave look at anxiety and depression. We're behind you 110% in your fight to get well and are so proud of the progress you've made so far. Thank you for being an amazing advocate for those struggling with mental illness.

"We deserve better. Talk about it please. Just talk. Tell someone and get the help."  - Maria Jose Ovalle