Meet our Greenville Sponsor: Eating Recovery Center, The Carolinas

This Is My Brave's Greenville team is thrilled to announce Eating Recovery Center, The Carolinas as a Gold sponsor!

From their website:

"Formerly the Riley Center, Eating Recovery Center, The Carolinas was founded by Beth Riley with one mission: to create a premier treatment center that would provide individuals and families with the option to receive quality care in the Upstate of South Carolina.

Passion and commitment to clinical excellence with a focus on personalized care has made Eating Recovery Center, The Carolinas a leading resource for the treatment of eating disorders throughout the Southeast."

Eating Recovery Center recently published an article on their site, 'At Risk for an Eating Disorder? Know the Warning Signs' which we wanted to share. Here's an excerpt:

Warning Signs of Eating Disorders

Here are a few warning signs that may signal that you, or someone you love, might have an eating disorder: 

  1. They exercise excessively, no matter what. If they are injured, if the weather is inclement, they will still find a way to work out.
  2. They start to eliminate food groups and become obsessed with certain foods. For example, they will only eat kale or spinach.
  3. They become more isolated and unwilling to eat meals outside of the home because it compromises their ability to control exactly what they want to eat.
  4. They are constantly making negative comments about their bodies and calling themselves “fat.”
  5. They count calories and weigh themselves obsessively.
  6. They become focused on shopping for food and cooking for others, but won’t eat the food themselves.

Click over to their blog, where you can read the full article which also includes a link to take a 3-minute screening quiz via the National Eating Disorders Awareness website.