DC Our Door show photos

 The cast takes a bow on night 1 of the 2-night performance produced by Our Door.

The cast takes a bow on night 1 of the 2-night performance produced by Our Door.

Producing DC’s show was humbling. There were so many personal stories behind the camera shared with me about how important the work Our Door is doing for the community and addressing stigma head on. Production of the show culminated Our Door’s one year anniversary and gave all of the team (including myself) something to put all of our energy and soul into, which paid off just in the conversations that are being held by those who were attendance, including the cast, production team and crew. From the special viewpoint I had as DC Producer, I was able to see cast members find their voice and strength (or brave) to deliver the words, song or dance that has been held deep in their soul and bodies. To see the release during rehearsals and the explosions during the show was inspiring – it still is.

It’s not easy to tell a story of recovery. The DC cast went further than sharing hope – they shared the pain that is not pretty, does not make you feel good inside and is not easy to hear. Some shared it publicly for the first time. Part of the recovery story is the darkness that was there first. Part of the recovery story is the courage to face mental illness head on and speak out so maybe others do not have to suffer in silence or tragically take their life. My own recovery story was told in many of the artistic expressions of the cast. I’m humbled and grateful to have been the DC Producer of “This is My Brave: The Show” and look forward to where these stories take all of us next. #No2MHstigma #WeAreOurDoor

- Melinda Hasbrouck, DC Producer, Executive Director, Our Door Community Wellness Center

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