Congratulations and welcome to the cast members of This Is My Brave Arlington 2018!


Arlington producers Kate Mallow, Lynda Mallow and Kat Katz have finalized their cast and are excited to share their names and types of pieces with you:

Joslyn Trovati- poetry

T-Kea Blackman- essay

Susie Burklew- essay

Stephen Goldman- essay

Yoko Makembe- essay

Kat Katz- poetry

Cindy Orth- essay

Tessa Elaina- music

Joseph Coram- essay

Joi Donaldson- essay

Linda Suzuki- essay

Alisa Posey- poetry

Karen Kaiser- essay

Helena Goldberg- music

Join us in Arlington, VA at the Gunston Theatre One at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 18th, 2018.