We Have the Power to Change Lives in 2015

This Is My Brave mental health advocacy nonprofit

We're ready to make 2015 a game-changer. You in?

Too many people spent the holidays trapped in their own private sadness of mental illness, feeling alone and abandoned. Our New Year’s resolution is to double the reach of This is My Brave by doubling the number of Brave Champions so more people get help and know they aren’t alone in 2015. Please help us reach our goal!

A while ago our This Is My Brave team began privately calling our friends, subscribers and supporters “Brave Champions." We're now asking you to proudly claim that name and soldier on with us into the New Year. Doubling the number of Brave Champions will increase our effectiveness - there is power in a community coming together around a common goal. Together we can change lives.

What does a Brave Champion have to do? It's easy! You decide. Choose one (or all!) of these:

DONATE your last-minute, tax-deductible contribution for 2014 to This is My Brave

FORWARD this link to a friend and/or family member and ask them to sign on to be a Brave Champion using the easy share buttons at the bottom

COPY & POST this message with your social media voice: "I'm a @ThisIsMyBrave Champion. #BeBrave and talk openly about #mentalillness!"

FOLLOW us on Twitter and Instagram, and JOIN our new BRAVE CHAMPIONS group on Facebook which will begin to take the place of our fan page in 2015

GUEST BLOG on thisismybrave.org

Our 2014 dream came true because of Brave Champions like you and we know This is My Brave will be bigger and reach many more people suffering with mental illness in 2015 because of new Brave Champions you'll help us sign up. The media, legislators, educators and the public are finally talking about mental health so NOW is our chance to stop discrimination against those with a mental illness. Now is our chance to change more lives.

Please help us by being a rockstar Brave Champion and choosing one or more of the options above.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have already done for This is My Brave and for so many struggling people. Together we have made a difference. We look forward to soldiering on together in 2015 on our march to erase the stigma of mental illness.


All our best, Jenn & Anne Marie Co-Founders, This Is My Brave