Cast Audition Wrap-up

Cast-Audition-Wrap-Up Tomorrow afternoon Anne Marie and I will meet the last group of This Is My Brave hopefuls. We have been impressed beyond words by the auditions we have heard so far, and we're looking forward to hearing the final set of stories before we sit down to review them all and craft our show.

This whole journey has been pretty remarkable. We went from building my idea of a show, to launching and running a successful Kickstarter, to gaining 501(c)3 status (just this week!) so that we can continue the mission of This Is My Brave beyond our debut show on May 18th. If it hadn't been for the generous support of our wonderful fans, none of this would have been possible. We are in awe of those who opened their hearts and wallets to fund our vision of breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illness by encouraging individuals to share their personal stories. This is all because you believed in us. 'Thank you' doesn't even come close to expressing our gratitude.

Our new non-profit status will give us the potential to apply for mental health grants, which we plan on doing in the near future. We want to create mental health awareness programming to bring This Is My Brave into high schools and middle schools. Our hope is that by educating kids early about the various types of mental illness and the signs and symptoms, they'll be more aware and in turn, more prepared to seek help for themselves or for a peer who might be struggling. Because many times the peers are the first to notice a change in a close friend's behavior. Depression, anxiety, cutting, and suicidal idealization are major issues in our schools. We could potentially equip students to save lives. This is big.

The show is starting to come alive and we're beginning to envision what show day will look like. We hope you will mark your calendar and make plans to join us {if you haven't already!}. Tickets are on sale now!