Call for guest bloggers

It's been a wild ride thus far, that's for sure. Only three months since we launched This Is My Brave and Anne Marie and I are just thrilled with the positive response we've received from our community and others around the world. This show is taking place right outside our nation's capital. And yet, we know there are so many voices out there who are ready to share, but they don't have the means to get here to DC on May 18th.

So I thought it would be awesome to feature some guest posts between now and the end of the year from writers out there who would like to be a part of the This Is My Brave crusade.

If you're willing to delve into your journey, your struggles and successes in living a life with mental illness, we'd like to hear from you. We want to know why it's important to you that society changes, that people stop being afraid to talk openly about mental illness. And we want to walk in your shoes for a few minutes. Because personal stories are so powerful.

We can learn. We can grow. We can inspire change.

Please email your 450 - 750 word essay to: for immediate consideration for publication on