Bringing Mental Illness into the Light

We met Danny Price through a Facebook group for mental health advocacy bloggers and were impressed by his intense honesty from one of his very first blog posts to this video of a recent talk he gave on his own experience with depression and anxiety at his church. Danny speaks from the heart about mental illness and we know you'll appreciate what he has to say.


"I want mental illness to be seen in the same light as diabetes or any other illness. I want people to be able to talk about it. So part of my process in trying to bring this about is to live in the light with my illness. I know it will be helpful to me to share my struggles, my successes, my fears, and my hopes. I am also hopeful that my writing will give others hope and let them know they are not alone." 


Thank you so much, Danny, for allowing us to share part of your story. We are privileged to watch you thrive as an incredible mental health advocate.

Follow Danny via his Facebook page: In the Light.