Brave Beads Partnership

This Is My Brave Beads Anne Marie and I are continuously amazed at how things continue to come together for us. The most recent development being the inception of a Brave Beads Partnership with our bead supplier, Nature Beads.

The universe definitely seems to really believe in what we're doing. The biggest challenge we've had to deal with lately is the "O" key popping off of my cheap Chromebook laptop keyboard. (Along with several other loose keys - I guess I'm a bit aggressive tapping out my thoughts.) But even this setback won't keep us from doing what we believe we're meant to do: end the stigma surrounding mental illness through storytelling.

Mental health affects everyone. We all have brains, right?

You may not have experienced mental illness yourself, but chances are extremely high that someone you know and love - a family member, friend, or neighbor - may be struggling right now. But because they are afraid of how others will perceive them, they remain silent and might not reach out for help.

We need to change this. We can change this.

Mental illness can happen to anyone at any time. When we talk openly about mental illnesses, the unfounded fears rooted in ignorance will be dispelled. Empathy will grow where apprehension once lived. We'll be able to wrap each other in support, instead of contributing to the problem of our hurting loved ones suffering in silence instead of getting help.

Our Brave Beads are the perfect way to show support for our movement. They make a beautiful gift to show someone you care. We offer them in three color choices: Blue mix, Rainbow, and now, through a partnership with Nature Beads, our own custom "Brave" set of colors: our logo turquoise and orange, as well as lime green - the official Mental Health Awareness color. We will have the new Brave mix added to the shop soon.

In the meantime, we're sending positive vibes of gratitude to the universe for connecting us to companies like Nature Beads and people like Annie and the awesome team she's pulling together. Through the support of our many Brave Champions, including readers like YOU, we're able to make a greater impact.

Speaking of a greater impact, we have a big announcement coming up soon. Stay tuned!!