Audition To Share Your Brave

Audition signups are in full swing! We hope you sign up to share your story with us, for a chance at a spot in one of our fall shows.

Slots are booking up in Denver, Washington DC, and Oklahoma City and our Baltimore auditions will soon open. We want to hear what your journey has taught you, how painful snippets have evolved into funny memories, and most importantly, show us how you were able to find hope for the future. 

A diagnosis is not a life sentence. And after every snow, there is always a melting.
— Olivia Merrion, Inaugural This Is My Brave storyteller

You can choose to look at your experience with mental illness as the beginning of something that will change your life forever. By sharing your story, you can inspire others to not give up.

Audition today.

The world needs to hear your brave. Click here to grab a spot.