Announcing Washington, DC-area Auditions!

Schedule your DC-area audition Wow. It’s been a year since we announced auditions for the debut cast of This Is My Brave. So many good things have happened since we launched our non-profit. But in so many ways, it seems like yesterday Jenn and I were sitting in the Ashburn Library awaiting our first person.  I felt a bit like J Lo on American Idol. As each person walked through the door to the little room on the left of the library entrance  we were blown away by their bravery and talent. So many raw stories. And tissues. Lots of tissues.

So here we are, with a year of experience under our belts. But we are just as excited, if not more so, as we know the exhilaration of the process and the joy of producing a show.  We are so curious to see who will walk through that door this year.  What stories will he or she share?  What song will be song?  Poem recited?

We now know so well how storytelling saves lives. We hope if you have a mental illness, or love someone who does, that this will be the year you’re brave enough to share your story, so others can heal, and not feel alone.  Here’s to seeing you walk through the door. We’ll be waiting.


We’re seeking amateurs who have a talent in writing or music. Each essay, music, or poem must not exceed 5 minutes in length.

When, Where & How

Click on a link below to choose a day and time for your audition.

*NEW AUDITION DATE ADDED* Saturday, February 14th - Ashburn, VA - Ashburn Public Library

Sunday, February 15th - Ashburn, Virginia - Ashburn Public Library: 43316 Hay Road, Ashburn

Saturday, February 21st - Arlington, Virginia - Central Library: 1015 N Quincy Street, Arlington

Sunday, March 1st - Silver Spring, Maryland - Pyramid Atlantic Art Center: 8230 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring

Thank you for sharing your stories with us!