Announcing our Orlando show - Auditions now open!

“Storytelling Saves Lives!”

When the Orlando Production team saw this banner across the This Is My Brave website, we knew we wanted to bring this show to Orlando. All of us on the production team have family and friends who live with a mental health diagnosis and lead the various support and education programs at the National Alliance on Mental illness of Greater Orlando. We know that mental illness affects all of us, either directly or indirectly, and we believe this show will be a powerful vehicle to bring hope and empowerment to those struggling with a mental illness as well as
awareness and stigma busting to the Central Florida community.  

Through the sharing of personal stories, we hope the awareness they provide will build compassion. Compassion leads to understanding and knowledge; understanding and knowledge leads to empathy and a sense of community with one another. We want to celebrate the strength, resilience and power of the story each individual has to share.


Click the button below to reserve your audition slot. Visit our Auditions page for more info on the types of pieces we're seeking.

Production Team: Donna Helsel, Gretchen Gregg and Marianne Link