Announcing the 2015 Cast of This Is My Brave DC!

NewDCcast We are thrilled to announce the cast of our second Washington, DC This Is My Brave show!

Niki Galvin {song}

Taylor Harris {essay}

Chris Lisle {essay}

Phoebe Lisle {essay}

Kiran Ferrandino {song}

Claudia Brown {essay}

Michelle Hurrell {poetry}

Stephanie Hughes {essay}

Banna Dunn {essay}

Every Heard {song}

Lisa Jordan {essay}

Laurie Chuslo {essay}

Jessica Payne {essay/poetry}

Lynne McIntyre, Nadia Monroe and Adrienne Griffen {collective essay}


We cannot begin to express how difficult it was to cast this year's show. Each and every story deserved a chance at the podium, all of our hopefuls deserved an opportunity to be heard from that stage on May 17th. But we only have a certain amount of time the day of our show, and so we had to make some decisions.

If you haven't seen our new promo video yet, check it out:

Tickets are on sale now via EventBrite! We hope you'll join us on May 17th to hear these amazing stories.