Announcing #BraveChat

The first day of every New Year has traditionally been a time to look back on the year that is ending as well as forward in anticipation of the blank new page. The chance to start over again with new goals which will hopefully bring us one step closer to our life dreams.

We often feel defeated when we think of the challenges that lie ahead, before we even get started, simply because we forget to look back and remember how far we’ve come.

There’s no doubt This Is My Brave made some impressive strides in 2013. Through it all, our focus has been on the word “brave” and all that it has inspired us to do in the past five months. Finding the courage to punch stigma in the gut is no easy task. I am so proud of everyone who has jumped on board with This Is My Brave to become a part of this community which is so special to Anne Marie and I. We’ve heard from so many of you that it’s near and dear to your heart, too.

And we want to keep the momentum going!

We’re launching a weekly Twitter chat to encourage folks to talk openly about mental illness in a positive, supportive way. Starting a week from tonight (January 8th) at 9pm EST, we will be facilitating open discussions on mental health, tweeting with the hashtag #BraveChat.

We are not medical professionals. We are simply women who have each been impacted by a mental health disorder and we want to change the way society talks about mental illness. For the better. For the future. For all of us. This is our dream.

We’ve seen the power of sharing personal stories in our own lives and the relief and comfort that comes from knowing you are not alone. Hearing someone respond with a “me too,” or “I know someone who has gone through the same thing,” is as consoling as a warm hug at just the right moment.

Twitter chats work like this. Hop onto Twitter and follow us: @ThisIsMyBrave. During the chat time, you can search for “#BraveChat” in the top center search bar right above your main feed. We’ll start with a few questions to get the conversation going. Jump right in whenever you’re ready, adding the hashtag #BraveChat at the end of your tweet to be included in the conversation. Answer a question, tell us how you’re doing, connect with people. Just be yourself.

There is only one stipulation to participating in the #BraveChat. We ask that you follow one of the rules you probably learned in kindergarten: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” Please. We want this experience to be positive and supportive for everyone involved.

So join us for the first weekly #BraveChat of 2014 next week. Wednesday, January 8th from 9-10pm EST. Anne Marie and I will be there and we can’t wait to chat with you! We want to hear about your brave.

Upcoming Schedule for the show:

January - Start working on your audition pieces! Keep them to under 5 minutes in length. Email us if you think you want to audition! Mark your calendar for the show and buy tickets if you haven't yet!

February - In-person auditions in the Washington, DC metro area; Date, time and location to be announced later in January.

March - Cast is announced!

April - Remind all your friends and family they better get their tickets on EventBrite before we sell out

May - Showtime!

Happy New Year, everyone!


- Jenn & Anne Marie