Announcing This Is My Brave Boise

We're thrilled to announce our second city on the 2017 This Is My Brave season of shows: BOISE, Idaho!

Today we get to know our production team in Boise, led by the motto of "each day is an opportunity to make the world a little better than the day before." 

Meet our three dedicated volunteers who together make up Team Aspire to Inspire!   

It must be fate that the universe decided to bring three fiercely passionate and driven women together, along with caffeine, nachos, and all things sparkly. 

 from left to right: Erin Lorensen, Jessica Wyman, and Kristen Johnson

from left to right: Erin Lorensen, Jessica Wyman, and Kristen Johnson

Erin Lorensen of Kuna, Idaho is a wife and mother to 3 teenage boys. She works in the healthcare profession as a registered nurse and has found a great love in doing so. She serves on the board of two nonprofits advocating to bring change and awareness to mental health. She is currently the reigning Mrs. Kuna International 2017 and enjoys spending as much time as she can volunteering within her community.

Jessica Wyman lives with her husband and 2 teenage boys in Nampa, Idaho. As a nutritionist, wellness coach, and cycling guru she is always on the go advocating for more people to get outdoors and living a healthier more active lifestyle.

Kristen Johnson is living in Meridian, Idaho with her husband, son, and daughter. She is staying busy as a full-time mom to her 2 little ones and her very special 3 legged cat. She also feels deeply fortunate she gets to work as a chapter head for a non profit working with adoption education.

Having spent many years as advocates for change within several areas of the community numerous people saw how each of them were able to make many ripples in those areas, but yet when they came together the ripples quickly became waves. With that team Aspire to Inspire was born. 

Aspire to Inspire was created with the idea of using each day as an opportunity to make the world a little better than the day before, while hopefully influencing others around them as well.

With each of the three founders of team Aspire to Inspire having been touched themselves with a mental illness diagnoses, along with a multitude of family, friends and loved ones, they wanted to share the message that no one was alone. 

Being able to work together as a community and with This Is My Brave to change the way we talk and view mental health has been a thrilling and amazing opportunity for these ladies and they feel beyond blessed to be a part of a movement that will end the mental health stigma.

Please save the date for our Boise show - Saturday, February 18th @ 7:30pm at the Boise State University Student Union. 


{Update: Auditions have concluded.} If you have a story to share through poetry, original music, comedy or essay about overcoming mental illness, we want to meet you! Click the button below to reserve your audition spot!