Announcing Our First Expansion City for 2015: BOSTON!


Back when Anne Marie and I launched This Is My Brave, we were so overwhelmed with the possibilities of our new venture we had to continually remind each other that our goal was to put on the best possible show we could, first and foremost, and to let the rest fall into place.

Things are falling into place.

The debut performance was a tremendous success. We acquired our 501(c)3 non-profit status. We're in talks with our local high school to host an encore performance with follow-up Q & A guided by Dr. Mark Komrad, our advisory board Psychiatrist and several counselors and therapists in October. And we're getting ready to start planning for our second show in DC during May 2015, Mental Health Awareness month.

Our mission of encouraging people to talk openly about mental illness, sharing their personal stories in order to end the stigma surrounding brain diseases through music, poetry and essays, came to fruition and continues to thrive. Both here on the blog, and in personal connections we've made through talking with individuals who share our passion for mental health advocacy work.

We are thrilled to announce that in May of 2015, This Is My Brave will be coming to Boston, Massachusetts! Through social media we were able to connect with Logan Fisher, a brave mom and writer who has the ability to describe the pain of mental illness from both the patient side and caregiver side. Logan is joined by Amy Quinn and together they have formed our production team for Boston.

Logan Beth Fisher and Amy Fisher Quinn are creative partners who recently finished their first picture book manuscript--Cinderella Wore Glasses.  It breaks the mold of a popular princess making her more accessible to all girls.  They are passionate about mental health issues and often write about and champion causes that help break down the stigmas that coincide with mental health issues.  Amy and Logan are honored and ecstatic to be co-producing/directing Boston's first This Is My Brave Show.  You can find Logan's writing at:, on Facebook, and @muddledmother on Twitter.

We're currently in talks with several other brave mental health champions in cities across the US to hopefully allow This Is My Brave to touch more lives in 2015.

If you are interested in producing a This Is My Brave show in your city, please email us at to learn more about our application process.