A Husband's Supportive Love Through Mental Illness

The great thing about doing a show like this, is connecting with like-minded people and learning their stories. And since I can't always be reading/watching/listening to everything out there all the time, I'm lucky enough to have wonderful friends who know how much I care about mental health advocacy work, and they send me articles and videos and shows that they think I'd be interested in. I'm always interested in the things they send me.

Just recently, one of my best friends from college sent me Mark Lukach's story on The Moth podcast. I listened to it and cried. And laughed, too, because he's awesome at inserting humor at just the right point in the story. But it hit home for me because his story reminded me of mine.

Mark and I exchanged a few emails and he's very supportive of the show. We are honored to share his story with you:


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