Meet Lira Maywood

Meet Lira Maywood

"For over two decades, depression was my roommate and the uninvited third party in my relationships. I only knew it from the outside, from what it did to people that I loved. I was the strong one, the positive one, the one who came up with solutions and held it all together -- until my husband took his life in 2010." Read on to get to know Lira Maywood, contributor to Shades of Blue.

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We're on DJ Grandpa's Crib!

DJ Grandpa Podcast

Today we're featured on DJ Grandpa's Crib, a weekly podcast featuring Kickstarter projects. The podcast is titled: Superhero Dreams.

PODCAST | Creator/Producer Jennifer Marshall's segment 0:23:00 - 0:27:30 | Available on itunes

** Featuring a snippet of a song at the end of the interview written by a rap artist who will be auditioning for our show!!! **

Show summary: DJG finds the flavor with Jeff Garcia, learns about fashion from Michelle Hebert, meets Jennifer Marshall of This is My Brave, jams with Leyla McCalla, gets inspired by the Skipper, meets a new hero, The Salamander, and takes Nathan Tobiason to the bank.

Thank you, DJ Grandpa, for having us!

I hope you have time to listen to this entertaining podcast featuring entrepreneurs trying to fund their dreams. 4 days remaining in our project's Kickstarter run. Thank you for your support!