14 Shows So Far This Year

2017 has been a record year for This Is My Brave Storytellers taking the stage to share their stories of overcoming mental health issues through creative expression. We're so proud of all our organization has accomplished in the past 5 months, with the help of incredible volunteers, Board members and staff.

January - The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors presented This Is My Brave LA in Santa Monica

March - This Is My Brave Des Moines

April - This Is My Brave's first ever High School show at Seneca Valley High School in Germantown, MD

This Is My Brave The Corridor (our 3rd year in a row in the Iowa City area thanks to veteran Producers Brook Easton & Lisa Baum)

May - Mental Health Awareness Month

Leadership Napa Valley presented This Is My Brave Napa Valley 

This Is My Brave Kansas City

The Mental Health Coalition of Verde Valley presented This Is My Brave Sedona

Where Is The Sunshine presented This Is My Brave Jacksonville

The Northwest Indiana Excellence in Theatre Foundation presented This Is My Brave Chicagoland (our 2nd year in Valpo thanks to veteran Producers Becky and Jerry Jascoviak)

STIGMA, an original play in conjunction with This Is My Brave DC

MensLink presented This Is My Brave Canberra (our first international production led by Producer Tim Daly)

This Is My Brave Bentonville 

And on June 1st, we wrapped up the first half of 2017 with our Women's Mental Health Summit at the National Press Club featuring six Brave storytellers and Journalist and Author Elizabeth Vargas of ABC's 20/20 thanks to a grant from the hope & grace fund and our wonderful sponsors.

{Women's Summit photos by Julie McCarter of Shoot Photo Inc.}

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Thank you to everyone who has joined our movement, and to those who have supported our efforts. By the end of 2017, over 550 individuals will have shared their stories on our stages across the United States and in Australia. It is a privilege and an honor to watch them shine and inspire so many people by sharing their beautiful, at times heartbreaking, and always moving stories. 

The fact is, living with a mental health issue can be life threatening. But we have the power to provide hope to those suffering. If we're willing to be brave.

By sweeping mental health issues under the rug and refusing to acknowledge how much of an impact mental illness has on those we love, we are contributing to the silence and adding fuel to the fire of stigma. As Brené Brown, one of our favorite writers and researchers says, "If you put shame in a petri dish, it needs three things to grow exponentially: secrecy, silence and judgement." 

Together, we can end the shame surrounding mental illness.

When someone is going through depression they feel like an outcast because no one recognizes how much pain they are in, and they're less likely to seek professional help. And without help they're more likely to be at risk for suicide.

When we #LiveBrave and share our stories, we shine a light and that light provides hope for those who are searching for a way out of the darkness. Because when the monster of depression grabs hold, a way out feels impossible. Both for the person suffering, and for the caretaker or friend who is trying to be supportive. But it's not impossible to overcome mental illness. Our cast members are sharing their stories in our shows because they are proof that there is hope.

Think of four friends in your life. Chances are high - whether you know it or not - one of them is dealing with a mental health issue right now. 

You could be the difference for that person. The difference being whether they're here tomorrow. 

We need you to #LiveBrave with us. 

Be brave enough to talk about mental health issues. At the very least, with family and close friends.

Be brave enough to tell someone you'll be there to hold their hand, to listen, to go for a walk.

Be brave enough to care.

Be brave enough to want to make a difference in another person's life.

Be brave enough to notice when a fellow human needs some support. 

Be brave enough to be that support. 

You may need that same support one day. 

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