Meet the Production Team: Denver

Why did our team choose to get involved with “This is My Brave”?

Mental illness has and continues to impact all of our lives. Mandi Mark, Pueblo team member, said, “Life doesn’t have to end with a diagnosis. Life can still be beautiful if we allow ourselves to embrace all that we are. No one should have to feel like their life has ended because they have a mental illness."

Millions of people live with mental illness. The National Alliance on Mental Illness discovered that “One in four adults−approximately 61.5 million Americans−experiences mental illness in a given year.” That says nothing about the children and teens who also suffer.

“I have personally struggled with mental health issues for as long as I can remember. One of my passions is to normalize mental illness and staying close to this show in some form or another, is such an important and exciting way to do this,” team member Amanda Cain shared. 

With all the negativity that surrounds mental illness, we thought it would be important to help others see just how positive recovery can be. Lauren Gardner, our team leader said, “Only two things in this world have profoundly impacted my life: theatre and mental illness. Usually, when someone is on stage, they are acting and telling someone else’s story. In “This is My Brave” we tell our stories. And with each brave soul that speaks, the stigma of mental illness diffuses, ever so slightly.”

Team member, Shawna Urbanski, shared, “I love eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness through creative ways.  I feel the impact music and arts have is immense and people are more willing to listen and learn within these avenues.”

Kat Atwell loves fostering a sense of community and is beyond excited to assist in curating our next This Is My Brave show this fall with our newest team of phenomenal women. 

Why did we choose to get involved with This is My Brave? Because storytelling saves lives.


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